Classy hard & dirty

What we do here is fun-oriented. People should eat their fill here and drink their piggies full. There should always be a feast, that's what it's all about. And if we can do that, it will be a successful evening.
- Micah Schaefer

“It's about finding the special product, the special product quality and promoting and communicating that.

It's important to me that I can drive out myself to see what's happening at the producers. Not only to see what's on offer, but also what I might not even know.

Especially with our alcohol-free pairing, verjuice (in addition to reduced yoghurt whey) plays a major role. At the moment we also have a tart on the menu. A lemon verbena tart. It has a really great ethereal quality and combined with the sharp and fruity acidity of verjuice, you can really empathize with the concept of a lemon tart.”